Month: October 2006

Noel Gallagher live on ‘The Interface’ podcast

Oasis still knock out some awesome tracks, and have long been one of my favourite bands. Noel Gallagher, especially, has been a major influence in my own guitar stuff. Live stuff from Noel is always top quality, and even though

I’m now co-hosting TPN Rock!

Am I a happy boy today or what?! Those that can dredge the memories will remember I met up with Ewan Spence in Edinburgh at the end of June at The Des Moines Riot’s gig, and finally we can reveal

Only a few more days…

For those that follow the Unsigned Rock Podcast, you’ll know there might just be something new + exciting happening next week. I’m certainly pretty excited about it as has been a while coming, but is shaping up to be really

Virtual Machine Manager for Xen

Although I’ve ran CentOS on servers in the past (Open-Xchange, for example), I’ve never used Fedora much myself. Still pay attention to what they’re up to with Fedora though, as although Red Hat may be a tad slow + immobile

Easy money made – SpotDJ

SpotDJ was something that appeared in my GMail account for the Unsigned Rock Podcast a good few weeks ago, and seemed like a good idea. When you have your music playing via iTunes, SpotDJ kicks in before each track and