Playing with a new webserver

With the current hosting plan with Lycos due to expire at the end of October, have been looking around at other webhosts. There’s quite a few sites I run elsewhere, and seems silly to pay for various different hosting plans, but most are fairly limited in terms of number of domains which can be managed from them. UK hosting companies suck. Plus, with moving to the US sometime soon (God I’ll be happy when I don’t have to keep saying ‘sometime soon’…), I wanted to run things from a US-based server.

So, I opened up a hosting plan with GoDaddy which although some people have had problems with, most of my domains are managed by them without issues and it’s always the case that you only hear the negatives. I’ve never talked about webhosts when they’ve ‘just worked’. The new server lets me manage multiple domains as separate sites which is nice, but it meant any domains already handled with GoDaddy automatically had their DNS entries changed to tie in with the new hosting plan. Normally, I wouldn’t argue – one less thing for me to. But, effectively it took 3 of my sites offline and displayed a nice ‘website under construction’ page

Just about getting the Unsigned Rock Podcast back up + running, but rather than being able to plan a slow migration, it’s a bit more frantic now! Have got holding pages up on the other sites now, so fingers crossed it will all be sorted in the next couple of hours. I won’t move justyet, thankfully both domain + hosting is managed by Lycos so this carries on and lets me move everything across, bring it all online, and test before making the switch! Also means e-mail runs as normal, so bear with me – I’ve already refers in from other sits wondering what’s happening 🙂


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