All official now – Apple have acknowledged Monday’s exam

Looks like my Apple Certification profile has been updated – shows which exams you have passed along with the score (which is cool – the Microsoft certification center didn’t do this IIRC), and automatically displays relevant exams where your current certifications are core requirements to aid planning out your next steps.

So, with the OS X Server Essentials exam being next (which I started the studying for today), it’s already showing what I need to do in order to be classed as an Apple Certified Technical Co-ordinator (pass the server exam basically…). It’s also showing that since I’ve done the OS X Support Essentials exam, I now have a core requirement for the portables + desktop hardware certifications. I like it, as the Microsoft certification centre had a planner, but it was quite clunky and didn’t display things anywhere as cleanly – that said, I haven’t logged in to that for a couple of years!

All good fun, and I’m pretty proud of it 🙂


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