Easy peasy, passed OS X Support Essentials exam!

Needing 62% to pass, thought it would be best to make sure and get 86% 😀

Pretty pleased with myself, and was all fairly straightforward from using it on a daily basis and going through the Apple Training guide. As with all the IT certification exams I’ve done, some tricky questions designed to catch you out, but nothing too serious. Found these much better + rewarding than the Microsoft exams, as whereas the Microsoft exams delivered questions that were asking for the ‘Microsoft answer’ or straightforward ‘pick the only answer that looks vaguely relevant’, the OS X Support Essential exam was regularly prompting for 2 or 3 responses for each question.

For any else looking at sitting this exam, make sure you prepare well, and go over the skills assement guide from Apple – I wasn’t expecting quite as many questions in some areas such as command line interface, but the skills assesment guide did hint at this. So long as you’re comfortable in day-to-day usage, should be fine.

Big title, but it now means I’m an Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist. Onto the OS X Server Essentials exam now to make it Apple Certified Technical Co-ordinator!


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