OS X Support Essentials exam booked

Didn’t take long I suppose, only started 4 days ago. Have gone right through the OS X Support Essentials training book from Apple, and it all seems very straightforward. A few new things such as the startup sequence, but most of the networking, peripherals, printing, troubleshooting, account management, command line interface, etc. isn’t anything new from my Linux + Windows background. If you were just jumping in with this training, then it probably would be quite a bit to take in, and I’m sure the server essentials will be a bit more challenging having not worked with OS X Server, so I don’t feel that I’ve just skipped through and think I know it all, honest!

So, booked in for the exam on Monday afternoon – may as well give it a go since it’s all so fresh. None of the self-test questions in the training book have caused problems, and the dozen or so example questions from the Apple site didn’t either. I definately feel prepared, so we’ll see how it goes 🙂


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