MCSE’s at LinuxWorld Expo?

I was looking over some of the events taking place at LinuxWorld UK Expo at the end of October, and some of the workshops and seminars looked pretty cool. Don’t think I’ll head down as can’t exactly fob it off as work-related anymore, and don’t really have money floating round to jump on a plane or train down to London for a couple of days. Went down just for one day a couple of years back, and it was a long, but rewarding day – would recommend it to anyone already around the London area.

But, one of the sessions is being hosted by ‘Chris Lewis MCSE‘. Nothing against the guy, don’t know him from Adam, and never met him, but why on earth would you want to brag about being an MCSE when speaking at Linux convention? I’ll wager there are speakers that are RHCE or LPI certified that aren’t detailing it on the programme. I’m not judging him, but can give a ton of people I know in the Linux community that will instantly turn-on off to someone holding Microsoft certifications, even if they’re promoting migration from Windows to Linux-based networks in the enterprise.

Wish him the best of luck with his presentation though – he might need it!


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