Apple OS X Support + Server Essentials exams

OS X Support EssentialsI’ve been looking at studying for some further certifications since I have plenty of free time now, as before I wasn’t that motivated or energetic enough after doing a full day working with computers then having to go home and get the books out for a couple of hours.

The Microsoft Certified Professional exams I did a couple of years back were nice at the time since it was relevant to work, but then I didn’t see the point in studying additional areas I wasn’t working with. The same with the Cisco Certified Networking Associated academy course + exams I did through college. Most people know my feeling towards certifications – if they’re relevant, fine, but a long list of bits of paper needs to be backed up with hands-on skills + experience!

With moving up to Alaska and the school district exclusively running Apple systems, I’d looked at Apple training a few months back, and with the MacBook really impressing me, I’ve been keen to learn more.

OS X Server EssentialsSo, I’m starting out with Mac OS X Support Essentials exam which gives Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist (ACHDS) status once completed (sounds fancy!) and then adding on Mac OS X Server Essentials exam to bring it up to Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC) once completed (which sounds even fancier!).

The Support Essentials looks fairly straight-forward from using the MacBook on a daily basis or just basic common sense on networking + peripheral questions, with the Server Essentials exam adding on further networking and server topics (funnily enough!). The two of them together work quite nicely and should hopefully give a very rounded grounding in being able to look after desktop + server support.

The only sumbling block is lack of experience on OS X Server and now real availability for playing around with one, but so long as I can keep myself motivated I’m planning on having both the exams completed within a couple of months – feel free to keep e-mailing me, bugging me to get back some studying!


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