Water cooling setup (and more!) also on eBay

I’ll get bored with eBay soon, or pissed off with the final prices! Doesn’t bring as much as it should selling on eBay, but figured the longer I have stuff sat around, the less I’ll probably end up getting. The car audio stuff is going well and those auctions are finishing within the next hour. I put up the Xplosion 375W RMS 12″ sub + box, along with a Fender 15W practice amp last night, and today I’ve ran through putting the water cooling equipment out of my old desktop up. I installed all this last summer, but only ran for about 6 months, as the AMD X2 3800+ dual-core I upgraded to is so effecient + quiet, I decided not to water cool the system.

So, here’s the latest round of offerings on eBay:

Again, if you’re interested, either check out the auctions and start yer bidding or point your friends in the right direction!


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