Nice pile of ICE ready to go!

Considering it took the best part of two days when installing all the car audio equipment, it took about half an hour to pull it all out! With all the gear up for sale on eBay (go check the auctions out if you haven’t already!), figured I may as well remove it all with the auctions ending tomorrow and it being dry today for playing with cables + electrics. Once again, managed to avoid blowing either myself or the car up!

Car audio equipment

Looks a mess, but is all tidied up now (so space to sleep again tonight…). There’s also an old JVC head unit which I had way back in the Fiesta which ran for about a year up for grabs, at a paltry £10 at the moment. Sad to see it all go, as regardless of whatever some may say about the Sony X-plod gear, it does sound awesome for the price if it’s setup right. The Ford head unit just sounds so hollow now, even though the JBL components are still installed in the front – the Sony F7500 made such a difference with the extra power output, plus the amp + sub might have had something to do with it…

Mind, after re-installing the original Ford head unit I found the radio code was incorrect. Not too impressed at having to fork out 15 of my English pounds for the correct code, but, least it’s working now. No CD player though 🙁 Not that I use the car much now though so can’t grumble too much – unless the eBay auctions don’t pick up much in the next 24 hours of course!


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