Kat’s new cat

With Kat being in Bethel last Saturday for some in-service training with the school district, they’d called into the pet store to look at getting a couple of guinea pigs for her classroom. Last year, she had a couple of gerbils that ended up having babies (the pet store claimed they’d both been boys so something must have seriously mutated…), but felt guinea pigs would be cool for the younger kids to handle. If this is what guinea pigs look like in Alaska, can’t wait to see a donkey!

Molly - Kat's new kitten

Not a huge fan of cats to be honest, and pretty sure I’ll have an allergic reaction until I get used to it in the same way I do with dogs, but, credit where credit’s due, it is kinda cute! At least I had some say in naming her (so long as the pet store managed to correctly determine the sex for once!) – Molly.

Either way, bit of tomato ketchup and a couple of slices of friend bread would sort it, eh 😉


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