More eBay goodness – some excellent car audio equipment!

Decided to take out the frustration of conflicting info from Insure&Go and flog some more gear on eBay. First two people were having none of making a claim for cancellation of the Japan trip as technically I wasn’t declared unfit to travel or advised not to go by any of the medical practioners at either the hospital or my local surgery. Finally, someone saw sense (and after being quote their own terms + conditions which didn’t state a medical certficate declaring unsuitability to travel was not a requirement and thus they were, well, making shit up), and the claim forms have been sent out looks good for recouping the money.

But, another round of eBay auctions, mainly music stuff again, but this time car audio equipment (okay, and a PS2!):

Plenty of folk will testify as to how awesome all the Sony car audio equipment sounded! Some awesome bits of equipment in there, and going for next to nothing, so get yourself some bids in 🙂


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