Month: September 2006

Sunderland vs Sheffield Wednesday

First time I’ve got to see Sunderland in person this season (though watched a couple of matches on TV), and other than being a division lower and having had an influx of players, not much difference 🙁 Weird seeing Roy

All official now – Apple have acknowledged Monday’s exam

Looks like my Apple Certification profile has been updated – shows which exams you have passed along with the score (which is cool – the Microsoft certification center didn’t do this IIRC), and automatically displays relevant exams where your current

Playing with a new webserver

With the current hosting plan with Lycos due to expire at the end of October, have been looking around at other webhosts. There’s quite a few sites I run elsewhere, and seems silly to pay for various different hosting plans,

Easy peasy, passed OS X Support Essentials exam!

Needing 62% to pass, thought it would be best to make sure and get 86% 😀 Pretty pleased with myself, and was all fairly straightforward from using it on a daily basis and going through the Apple Training guide. As

Awesome Drifting RC cars

Been a big fan of RC cars for years, and raced them quite succesfully for a couple of years in my mid-late teens, but I was mainly doing off-road 2wd + 4wd buggies than on-road touring + drift. Still, this