Foot 1 – Guitar 0 (just…)

With all my music gear now despatched or collected after the eBay auctions, all I’m left with is my acoustic guitar. Last night, managed to drop it onto the bridge of my foot rather than placing it back on the guitar stand 🙁 I think I might have said “ow, bugger, that hurt” or words to that effect…

Seems like it’s just bruised rather than broken any bones in the foot, or really would have been fun with heading to Japan in just over a week. The acoustic is fine too 🙂

Will give it a couple of days of rest, as really can’t be bothered to sit in a hospital for 3/4 hours waiting to get it x-rayed only for them to tell me just to rest it. With so many little bones in your foot, I was a bit worried, but I can just about walk around on it and bend my toes, aside from the swelling, so fingers crossed it’s nothing too bad.


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