MacBook now with 2Gb memory!

MacBook RAM upgradeHaving only ordered the 2Gb DDR2 SDRAM upgrade for the MacBook yesterday afternoon, was very impressed to find Postman Pat wanting a signature for a package this morning. Sure enough, Crucial had turned the order round very quickly indeed!

Only took a couple of minutes to install, and quite a nice method of sliding the RAM into the side of the battery enclosure. When upgrading memory on Toshiba laptops at work, they always lay flat into the base of the laptop, just a different way of doing things I guess. But, the MacBook booted straight up without problems and happily displayed 2Gb DDR2 SDRAM now installed 🙂

I found the MacBook very impressive before, if a little slow on multi-tasking and actions such as importing multiple photos into iPhoto or exporting audio in Garageband, but now it really does fly!

With the Shuttle SN45G being sold, I backed up a load of data to DVD before running shred on the drive to erase everything, and importing 150+ photos into iPhoto took a matter of seconds. Creating the mixdown + exporting today’s podcast to iTunes was all done in under a minute.

Quite happy indeed, so if anyone wants 2x256Mb DDR2 SDRAM modules, let me know! Would definately recommend upgrading the memory, as although 512Mb is quite manageable under normal use, there really is a big jump.

Of course, I’ve just been spoilt with my Linux desktop running an AMD X2 3800+ dual-core processor with 2Gb RAM for the last 6 months or so. Hardly use it now as the MacBook is such a cracking all-round system!


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