eBay pains and ParcelForce annoyances

So, the eBay auctions ended. Didn’t fetch quite as much as I was hoping for on the Ibanez bass guitar and the Marshall amp, but kinda balances out as the Yamaha Pacifica electric went a lot higher than expected, and the Shuttle media center PC just about did alright. Wasn’t expecting great things from eBay anyways. Will probably have more stuff going up when I get back from Japan though, including all the audio equipment out of my car 🙂

But, the fun started arranging collection with ParcelForce. Done it dozens of times before through work (all but a distant memory now…), but not as a home user for a few years. First up, you can’t be running anything other than Windows for the site to function. Bit of a bugger with a MacBook or Kubuntu desktop computer being all I have on offer (and quite happily, I must add!), so had to troop off and knick my dad’s computer. You plod through filling in all your details, pretty standard stuff, then it comes to payment.

Now, I’m not a huge fan of WorldPay for payment handling, as they just re-direct all over the place and you never really know what on Earth’s happening. Get annoyed by companies that don’t make at least some effort to integrate payment processing. Makes me nervours, especially on a computer I don’t mantain. Rant aside, I put in my payment details, and Internet Exploder does one of it’s little bottom burps, SP2 blocks pop-ups, so Verified by Visa fails. Click the button to allow pop-ups for this transaction and wheeeeeeeee!!!! back to the start we go asking you how many parcels you would like to send…

Not impressed.

All sorted (I hope), and pretty sure the right parcels will go to the correct buyer! On the plus side, I found 2Gb Crucial DDR RAM for the MacBook shipping for £130 and figured I’d treat myself. As much as the MacBook is impressive, it really doesn’t like multi-tasking with a few Firefox tabs open on only 512Mb RAM, and especially so if you’re running GarageBand or iPhoto (pretty much shut all other apps before processing audio in Garageband!). I’m hoping to play with (read steal) dad’s JVC Mini-DV camcorder whilst in Japan and use iMovieHD and iDVD to create my own movies when I get back, so guessed more RAM can’t help, and hopefully should make all the stuff with the Unsigned Rock Podcast much quicker + easier too 🙂


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