Ambershift live @ Bar Pure, Sunderland

AmbershiftHaving played Ambershift’s track ‘Chinatown’ back on the Unsigned Rock Podcast #27, the guys invited me through to their gig at Bar Pure, Sunderland last night. Was a really good gig, and a decent turn out for a mid-week gig too. The sound gear Bar Pure was running was pretty crap – I’m convinced either they were running the mic cables across a mains power strip or their power amp was about to blow! But, the guys sounded spot-on and went down really well.

I also got a wicked interview with Ambershift recorded before the gig, albeit in very bizarre circumstances of the bar’s kitchen, as well as couple of live tracks from their set last night. Dave + Kieron also dropped me a copy of an exclusive track – ’15 Stone and 6′. This hasn’t been heard outside of their live stuff recently, and likely to be on their new album (release party Friday 25th August at The Cluny, Newcastle – I blagged free tickets last night!).

Check out the Unsigned Rock Podcast #29 to listen to the interview, live tracks, and exclusive new track!


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