Not much fun to be a car owner

So, my car went into the garage for a routine service + MOT yesterday. An MOT is a yearly check all cars must go through to prove they’re roadworthy and safe to drive, and I wasn’t expecting any problems. Having had to fork out for 4 tyres a week or so ago which set me back £320, I was called yesterday lunchtime telling me the power steering rack was leaking and needed completely replacing. Not impressed!

Ended up costing £319 just for the power steering rack including labour, pushing the bill to a shade under £600 when the service + air conditioning service was added in. £80 just for to re-gas the air conditioning unit is ridiculous too, especially since the damn thing is still blowing hot air! That’s a grand on a car I shouldn’t even be running anymore, although the way it’s looking I will be for another few months yet. Of course, I still have another 90 notes on road tax at the end of the month too 🙁

When am I flying out to Japan again…?


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