Travelling to Japan in September!

Japanese flagRealising that the US visa isn’t going to be coming through any time soon with the jobsworth’s continuing to balls things up and cause further delays, I figured that rather than all my savings just slipping away on things I don’t really want or need (you know, bills and stuff…), I’d make the most of having an abundance of time on my hands + cash in my pocket to go travel somewhere I’ve always fancied. As much as Ireland + Wales were a good getaway, they didn’t really feel like holidays being so close to home!

So, 3 weeks in Japan should just about do it! Flying out on 6th September until 27th September and nabbing a Japan Rail Pass to zoom out of Tokyo to Mt. Fuji, Kyota, Osaka, Nara + Hiroshima, as well as north up to Nikko, Sendai + Matsushima (plus maybe Kakunodate + Akita) on the ‘shinkansen’ – bullet trains 😀

That’s the plan anyways, but I’m open to ideas if anyone has suggestions on places to go and things to do in Japan!


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