Tinkering with my MacBook

Having been using the MacBook for a month or so, I’ve been getting itchy fingers with not being able to tinker as much as when running Linux. In a way, this might explain why I haven’t had anything crash, lock-up or re-act erratically…

MonolingualBut, with more + more music getting dumped onto the fairly paltry 60Gb hard drive (I’ve got a Seagate 250Gb USB HDD now too 😉 ), I was keen to save a bit of space. Enter Monolingual. This nifty little app certainly takes it time to accomplish what you tell it to do, but it’s worth it! It lets you remove any un-necessary language packs, keyboard layouts and architecture builds. Removing the language packs alone saved me over 2.5Gb, and the PPC architecture data a further 800Mb or so. That’s still not a bad saving though! All helps, I suppose. I’ve already tidied up iPhoto which at first I found chunky, but quite like now, and using smart albums is quite nice to automatically update things as photos are added/deleted/updated.

ViennaAnother cool little app I’ve started using is Vienna RSS reader. I just haven’t been able to find anything decent to handle reading all my RSS feeds which is why I’ve using Gregarius almost all the time (yes, I know, the plugin never happened as I was simply using a bookmarklet to quickly handle things!), as Thunderbird just couldn’t cut it. But, Vienna is very nice indeed, and I like the smart articles idea again which lets you collect all unread articles together which again automatically updates as you read/delete/tag them.

Finally, thanks to Feedburner which provide the RSS feeds for both fouldsy.com and my podcast, the Unsigned Rock Podcast is currently sitting prettily on the front page of feedburner.com! They posted some comments I made a couple of months back just as I was starting the podcast on their Feedburner Buzz blog (direct link to my buzz bit!) which has been drawing in an awful lot of traffic. I think it’s pretty cool, as the Unsigned Rock Podcast is starting to draw quite a bit of attention actually – expect some big news soon!


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