Engagement Party

Kat + IWith Kat over here for another few weeks and parts of family wandering off on holidays soon, my parents organised a cool engagement / going away party for the two of us. Held at the Hallgarth Manor, Durham on Saturday night I’ve just got the photos all sorted! Check them all out in my photo gallery.

It was nice to get to see members of the family from down London way which I don’t get to see very often, but Kat was a bit overwhelmed with so many new faces, especially with a number of duplicate names and very similar names!

Still, no-one fell over from too much alcohol and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves 🙂 Once Kat heads back to the US, looks like I’m still going to be around for a good while yet with the immigration department continually failing to do anything useful, so will probably head down to London to visit people again before I eventually fly off (whenever that is!).

Also, Kat + I spent the afternoon at Finchale Abbey a few days ago, and a few photos are available in the gallery too.


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