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Travelling to Japan in September!

Realising that the US visa isn’t going to be coming through any time soon with the jobsworth’s continuing to balls things up and cause further delays, I figured that rather than all my savings just slipping away on things I

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Win a copy of The Eisenhowers latest album ‘Almost Half Undressed’

Another competition over on the Unsigned Rock Podcast is for your chance to win a copy of The Eisenhowers latest album ‘Almost Half Undressed’ – simply send me an e-mail to with the subject line of ‘Give me free

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Welsh Dragon 3-day tour of Wales

Well, Wales was different. Much like the Paddywagon tour of Ireland, I quite enjoyed it though dunno if I’d be in any mad rush to go back! Staying in hostels for the 2 nights of the tour was cool though

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Off to Wales and the Pissyvalley…

With the red hot weather breaking, rain predicted, and the mad rush on the trains with the school holidays starting, we’re off to London in an hour or so before heading out on the Welsh Dragon 3-day tour of Wales

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Tinkering with my MacBook

Having been using the MacBook for a month or so, I’ve been getting itchy fingers with not being able to tinker as much as when running Linux. In a way, this might explain why I haven’t had anything crash, lock-up

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