Last day at work!

Yeah, it’s been very slow on the blog the last few weeks as I’ve been putting a lot of time into the Unsigned Rock Podcast. If you haven’t checked out the show, go do it now! Some excellent live music on the last podcast with From Motion to Memory, and I’m up to Edinburgh tonight for The Des Moines Riot’s gig at Henry’s Cellar Bar which should be getting recorded too.

Deskspace postersAnyways, along with a stack of cards, bottles of wine + whiskey, etc. my deskspace this morning was beautifully adorned with a couple of posters surely done by the Terrible Twins (Clarky + Big El!). It’s a collection of Alaska + eskimo photos with all sorts of comments like “Take away” next to the picture of a seal lying on the snow with a helicopter air-lifting cargo in the background!

Couple of more pretty poor photos due to my crappy camera phone are on my Flickr page.

Now that I’m finishing work and got a load of travelling coming up (albeit not what I originally had planned for the summer with the visa getting further delayed!), I should have some good photos + stories of Edinburgh this weekend, a 6 day backpacking tour of Ireland, 3 day backpacking tour of Wales and a few days in London already planned.


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