Playing with my MacBook!

MacBookWith Kat arriving a few days ago, a new toy was brought over with her 😉

Yup, after being really impressed with our iMac at school and reading so much good stuff about the MacBook, I asked Kat to pick me one up from the Apple store in the Mall of America. It’s the basic 1.83Ghz dual-core system, but I’m finding it more than nippy enough for pretty much anything I’ve thrown at it so far.

The way everything is integrated as standard, even compared to a Linux machine is nice, though I suppose it’s only legal reasons holding Linux distros back and very easy to install required packages to get mp3 playback and view CSS-encrypted DVD’s. One thing working very well that I bitched about with the iMac a couple of months back is FrontRow – I’ve encountered no crashes, with it happily playing DVD’s or movie trailers and seamlessly handling iTunes music + photos from iPhoto.

GarageBandLooking forward to pushing GarageBand 3 for the Unsigned Rock Podcast this next week. Even just for recording the basic podcasts, it should be good, but being able to do enhanced podcast including cover art, chapters, etc.

One thing I haven’t encountered are any problems with temperature build-up or excessive fan noise. Sure, when charging the battery the base gets a bit warm but that’s only to be expected, and the only time I’ve actually heard the fans was when importing a few thousand tracks to iTunes whilst downloading some apps and watching a DVD. Which worked fine 🙂

And yes, Kat got here fine and has brought the rain with her after 2-3 weeks of unseasonably hot weather in the UK being brought to an end the last few days!


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    Mozilla Firefox 1.0.7 Linux
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    Mozilla Firefox Windows XP
  3. bsdnut says:
    Mozilla Firefox 1.0.7 Linux

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