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Although I’ve ran various websites for a number of years, none have ever been bandwidth intensive. This blog probably pushes things more than any of my previous sites going back 8/9 years, but only because I try to jazz things up with images in blog entries, and have a couple of hundred photos in my photo gallery.

LibsynRunning the Unsigned Rock Podcast for what, 10 days, has shattered my low-bandwidth idea! You take a 30Mb podcast, get 50 people downloading it within 24 hours, and 10Gb a month quickly disappears. So, I have moved the media content delivery across to Libsyn, which seems to be working very well.

It does pose some interesting questions though. I have a domain registered through GoDaddy, web hosting provided by Lycos, and media content delivery handled by Libsyn. Sometime soon there’s got to be an all-in-one solution. Libsyn provide a half-decent blog, but is limited in additional themes and plugins. Most webhosts do provide different plans (I’m on a fairly basic plan) to grab more bandwidth and diskspace, but they don’t provide the same kind of load balancing as the Libsyn network.

With it becoming more + more common for people to want to store photos, audio + video on their own webspace, are we going to see content delivery networks merging with the traditional webhosts? Suppose there’s always going to be those that simply want basic webspace to host a few pages without all the bells + whistles, but the the trend over the last 6 months or so seems to be pushing to more bandwidth-intensive sites. Hence all the debate over internet neutrality.


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