Upgrade to Dapper Drake just get the stable Amarok 1.4?

With Amarok throwing a wobbler and crashing once a day or so, and knowing that it’s only a couple of weeks until Dapper Drake makes it to final, is it worth waiting until 1st June or run an upgrade now and grab the shiny new Amarok 1.4 release?

AmarokI ran it when I first started playing with the 64-bit system and had Dapper, using Amarok 1.4-beta1 + beta2, and really liked some of the extra features such as *much* better media player support for my iPod Nano and Archos AV500, but since the rest of my system is so stable, I don’t want to risk upgrading just yet. Plus, I fired off some scripts a few weeks ago converting anything in .wma or .aac format to mp3 which means I’m not really needing Amarok 1.4 for updated taglib support for writing aac tags.

But, I’m a technology whore as someone recently describe me, and on cue, Amarok has just crashed 🙁


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