Open-Xchange problems with postgresql-jdbc

A little hiccup for a Monday. Not quite sure what went wrong, but in the middle of the morning our Open-Xchange server went belly up. No warning, no updates applied since the start of last week – just refused to handle user logins and dropped all existing sessions.

Easy enough to track down – the Java servlet couldn’t create a connection to the Postgresql database. After a bit of head scratching trying to figure out, simply re-installing ‘postgresql-jdbc‘ did the trick:

yum remove postgresql-jdbc
yum install postgresql-jdbc

followed by a restart of Open-Xchange:

/etc/init.d/openexchange restart

Bit of a puzzler as to why it suddenly stopped, as the correct PATH locations were still set and there hadn’t been any Java updates applied since the server was installed a couple of months back, but at least everything’s back to normal now.

Just got to figure out how to install Debian onto our new HP DL-320 webserver when they (quite helpfully) don’t ship with a CD drive… A nice ploy by HP to get you to then purchase a hot-swapable drive for £70-odd maybe?


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