Second Life virtual gig from a real BBC Radio 1 festival – live!

Second LifeI must admit, I haven’t got into Second Life as I’ve never really been a huge fan of MMORPG games, but I know quite a few people that are well into Second Life and having a whale of time. So, it was quite interesting to read that the BBC are tying in with the Radio 1 One Big Weekend, having purchased an island within the game and setup their own virtual stage and festival area.

The idea seems to be to allow players of Second Life onto the island and join the event, with the audio being streamed in from the actual live event taking place in Dundee. It also opens a host of other possibilites for festivals over the summer, as well any live lounge sessions with Jo Wiley, for example, being pushed out live on Second Life.

Whether it’s really a good use of the licence payers money is always something the BBC gets stick for, but it’s a very novel approach, just a shame only 400 players or so will be able to access it (which I guess is down to the hardware / bandwidth limitations).

Allofmp3.comAnd on a slightly different note, is now classed as 2nd only to iTunes in the rankings for online music services used by people in the UK. Of course, the survey is only detailing legal download services (classing as legal…?) and not showing how many people are still using peer-to-peer services for obtaining music completely illegally. Suppose it shows that people are willing to pay for music when it’s not stupidly priced, though the moral dilema for me is always how much money (if any) the artist actually sees when purchasing music from the Russian outfit.


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