Sunderland vs Arsenal

This should have been the last home match of the season, however the Fulham matched snowed off a couple of weeks ago has been re-scheduled for this coming Thursday night, so it was no surprise to see the Stadium of Light packed with 44,003 fans. Is still amazing the amount of support this club gets considering it’s current position!

Sunderland vs Arsenal

Even having gone 3-0 down in the first half after arguably having the best of possesion and with Arsenal scoring on their only 3 attacking moves, the crowd still cheered + chanted “You’ll only win 4-3” with extreme optimism, going into “Always look on the bright side of life” and finishing with “We’re shit, but we still stand + sing!”. A pretty ordinary match without much to cheer for from a Sunderland perspective caused a very good Mexican wave rolling around the ground half a dozen times with pretty much everyone getting involved!

Arsenal looked very laid back, not really pushing and knowing Sunderland would run out of ideas in the last 3rd of the pitch, with few real scoring chances coming. But, on the attack Arsenal always looked aggressive, with Henry, whilst not excelling, certainly looking a class apart – so much so he received a standing ovation from the Sunderland fans after being substituted. From a Sunderland point of view, Nosworthy was quite impressive in defense, shackling Arsenal quite well and never really getting caught out by the pace of their attack, and Stead looked impressive as usual before being injured after half an hour.

So, two more matches, but almost certain to set a number of records for worst performances in the Premiership. As always, slightly undeserved – if only points were handed out for playing until the final whistle, giving your all, even when you know it’s a hopeless task!


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