Month: May 2006

Libsyn happiness

Although I’ve ran various websites for a number of years, none have ever been bandwidth intensive. This blog probably pushes things more than any of my previous sites going back 8/9 years, but only because I try to jazz things

links for 2006-05-20

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Win Ampsex’s album ‘Original Sound Recordings’

Over on the Unsigned Rock Podcast, I’ve got a competition running for the next couple of weeks in conjunction with Ampsex to win their latest album, ‘Original Sound Recordings’. It really is a wicked album – well worth checking out!

Upgrade to Dapper Drake just get the stable Amarok 1.4?

With Amarok throwing a wobbler and crashing once a day or so, and knowing that it’s only a couple of weeks until Dapper Drake makes it to final, is it worth waiting until 1st June or run an upgrade now

links for 2006-05-18

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