Looks like success (finally!) with syn’cing RSS feeds

After some advice from Frank (Osterfeld?) with regards to Akregator, I updated my system to KDE 3.5.2 yesterday to iron some problems I was having, atlhough I’ve been meaning to update KDE anyway. With Gregarius seemingly working quite happily, I was keen to now get a desktop reader working properly.

Upgrading to Akregator 1.2.2 seems to have made things easier to manage in terms of multiple selection + deletion, and I haven’t come across any problems with incorrect/duplicate/old items being delivered. I actually quite like Akregator sitting in the system tray quietly showing when new items are available.

Now it’s onto writing a plugin for Gregarius to handle the deletion of items the way I want it to. Already been spotted lurking in their IRC channel the last couple of days so figure I may as well do something about it 🙂 Other than that, everything seems to be working perfectly. Will write up some quick instructions how to setup synchornisation between Gregarius and a desktop reader once I have some rough code for the plugin working.


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  1. n says:
    Mozilla Firefox 1.4 Windows XP
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    Mozilla Firefox Linux
  3. n says:
    Mozilla Firefox 1.4 Windows XP

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