A few days of sync’ing Gregarius with Thunderbird

RSS feedsIt’s been a few days of running Gregarius and although I had quite high hopes, the integration with Thunderbird just hasn’t worked 🙁 Looking at it from a web-based point of view, it’s worked quite well after a few tweaks documented earlier, but it’s just not quite generating the RSS feeds correctly.

Deleting the items from Gregarius often doesn’t remove the items from the feed delivered to Thunderbird, and there’s often a 10-15 minute delay between new items appearing in the web-based version and being published in the RSS feeds. I would expect that when Gregarius updates itself and realises new items are available, it would update it’s feeds at the same time, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Still, at least it’s letting me keep track of my feeds online from work, and it’s only a couple of clicks to mark read items within Thunderbird. Would have been nice if Gregarius could deliver it’s own feeds a bit better, but it’s something I’ll keep an eye and look out for new versions to see if it’s updated. For those looking at a simple web-based system of keeping track of their own feeds and wanting to run it themselves rather than using an overly bloated online service, it’s worth a shot!

Means I’m still looking for ideas for synchronising Thunderbird with an online service it anyone has any ideas…


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