A few days using a 64-bit dual-core under Linux

AMD Athlon64 X2Well, it’s been a few days of playing around with my AMD Athlon64 3800+ X2, all of which has been under Ubuntu. I’ve found the whole thing pretty painless, with a lack of 64-bit specific apps not much of a problem as detailed earlier.

The dual-core kernel hasn’t spat it’s dummy out, although trying to run Dapper Drake 6.06 didn’t work out too well – ended up running around in serious dependency hell when it realised it had completely the wrong libraries. As it was just on a test hard drive, wasn’t bothered, but I did find it very, very slick before I balls-ed it up. KDE 3.5 was looking smart, the new version of Adept was looking good, simplying things even further for new users. Not convinced more experienced users will appreciate it as much, though it’s certainly looking like another cracking effort from the Ubuntu team to allow more new users to take on Linux.

AmarokThe only problem I have been experiencing has been with Amarok. On my 32-bit system, I’d painlessly updated to Amarok 1.4-beta2, but it just won’t have any of it with the 64-bit libraries. That’s actually how I ended up giving Dapper Drake a go, which worked fine at the time before bailing out. It’s still got a few problems, even with all the media libraries and codecs installed, so will fire off a script tonight to convert any renaming .wma (evil, evil!) or .m4a files back to 192Kbps MP3 files so everything plays nice.

Even in it’s current case which has appalling airflow it’s running at 29C, moving up to 35C or so under load with a max lm-sensors has reported being 38C which is very nice. The Cool’n’Quiet technology really makes a massive difference – when I first turned it on, it really is barely noticable alongside the PSU fan, and only when the the load picks up and the fan rotates faster does the nice increase. Seems to nicely roll itself back down too, which I think is a credit to the ASRock system board since I know a couple of people running into problems with 64-bit systems because simply because of lack of support for Cool’n’Quiet.


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