Gregarius in action

Gregarius feeds in actionSo far so good. After a couple of little niggly issues and adjusting a few settings, everything’s running very smoothly from the web-based side of things. Final test is of course going to be checking that Thunderbird correctly handles the feeds exported by Gregarius, but it all looks good at the moment 🙂

Am finding it quite slick by and large, though it wasn’t too happy pulling down a large number of feeds that had been made available overnight. I might look at setting up a cron job to update itself at 6a.m or so to pull down the bulk of the updated feeds, leaving only a handful of posts to be downloaded when I get into work. This is something well documented in the Gregarius wiki. Sometimes it does slow down processing data, but I think that’s more down to my server than anything else.

The minor changes I’ve made have included setting the front page to view only unread posts to prevent a long list of posts being displayed, and then altering the code that handles the ‘Mark this feed as read‘ button to actually delete the posts from the feed. I’ve still got the option to tag an item for saving it in order to allow Thunderbird to download it which is nice, though as with Thunderbird I prefer to delete posts once read unless they contain something useful.


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