Teaching English as a Foreign Language

TEFLI’ve been studying for an Introductory Certificiate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language through Intesol Training the last few weeks and having finished my final unit last week. I received my certificate today 🙂

I can understand why those speaking English as a foreign language often have a much wider range of vocabulary and better grasp of the grammatical aspect of the English language, as the unit on grammar blew me away – containing so many sections I never learnt at school it was scary, and I got an A grade for both English Language and English Literature!

Hopefully this will be of some use whilst up in Alaska, since the pupils are taught in Yup’ik until around 7 years old, and then English as a foreign language before integrating the whole class to being taught in English.

Thanks to my tutor, Chris, for putting up with me through my studies!


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