Apple Boot Camp

Apple Boot CampAlong with most other people around the world, I nearly fell off my chair reading about Apple releasing a public beta of Boot Camp, which lets you install Windows XP onto your Intel-based Mac including automatic re-partitioning, burning all required drivers to CD, and setting up of the bootloader. I’ve been scouring their site trying to figure out if this is some belated April Fool’s joke, but it all seems legit and above board. This is something I’d love to try out on our iMac, especially with it being the Easter holiday’s next week. Of course we have official Win XP SP2 discs + licence codes, which Apple require, but whether this is the case will be interesting.

Certainly a very, very bold move which hopefully will pay off and increase the adoption of people purchasing Mac’s, and if this is to be integrated into OS X 10.5, certainly a major selling point.


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