Newcastle vs Tottenham

Having seen Tottenham play Sunderland a few weeks ago, Trev called last night to see if I fancied heading back into enemy territory to watch Newcastle play them. Same deal as last time I went to the match – free food + beer making up for going back through to St James Park!

Turned out be a pretty good match actually, with Newcastle winning 3-1. All the excitement coming in an action packed first half, Newcastle scoring the opening goal within 90 seconds and Shearer scoring a penalty to finish the scoring. This was just after Bowyer’s opening goal:


Quite fun to see Tottenham loose after only managing a draw with Sunderland, and with Keane scoring for my fantasy football team, that helped. However, I only transfered in Robinson in goal on the Friday transfer deadline, trying to gain an edge on the other teams, and he ended up conceeding 3 goals!

To top it off, Sunderland somehow scored 2 goals away from home to earn a draw against Everton, with John Stead finally scoring for the first time in a year or so! Good day all round 🙂


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