iPod Nano – 1 week on

iPod NanoWell, have gone a whole week of bouncing the iPod Nano in + out of my shirt pocket and rolling it around on the passenger seat of the car and still no scratches (or cracked screen!) 🙂 Once the battery has cycled through a few times am hoping the battery life will increase, but have been very impressed with sound quality – can really get the sub going when it wants to!

Haven’t got udev working quite right to assign it to /dev/ipod rather than whatever sd* device it wants, which means having to manually “eject /dev/sdb2” or whatever from the command line as gtkpod can’t figure out the device correctly to eject it. Haven’t really looked at it though, so is probably something simple!

Have found the 1Gb version more than enough to handle what I’m using it for too – is easily holding half a dozen albums and 3/4 daily podcasts without running out of space which is all I’m after. Sync’ing a few albums was more to see how quick it would transfer (a tad on the slow side, but I think that’s the USB ports not running at USB2 🙁 ) and playing with different EQ settings. All worked pretty well!

Definately glad I went for it, though smugly read the Archos AV500 has won yet another award for best portable media device in the past week!


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