Month: April 2006

links for 2006-04-29

Ubuntu Wiki – Nvidia TVOut (tags: ubuntu linux computing) Turn your world LDAP-tastic (tags: linux ldap networking guides samba) Pre-compiled Linux distros for Xen virtual machines (tags: linux xen networking computing slackware debian centos fedora gentoo)

Pre-compiled Linux distros for Xen virtual machines

Having spent a couple of weeks now playing with Xen, I have found it quite a struggle to find decent documentation explaining exactly how to install various Linux distros to act as virtual machines. After going through setting up Debian

Frustrations with Kubuntu 6.06 LTS

I downloaded Kubuntu 6.06 LTS over the weekend and it’s been sat in my backpack waiting to go onto the laptop. As I’m too used to being able to jump straight to a directory on various Linux boxes using fish://

links for 2006-04-26

Ardour Tutorial (tags: audio guides linux) Latest Fluxbox from source on Ubuntu (tags: ubuntu linux fluxbox) Ubuntu Wiki – Fluxbox (tags: ubuntu linux fluxbox) blogwaffe » AJAX Comment Preview (tags: ajax wordpress blogging)

Looks like success (finally!) with syn’cing RSS feeds

After some advice from Frank (Osterfeld?) with regards to Akregator, I updated my system to KDE 3.5.2 yesterday to iron some problems I was having, atlhough I’ve been meaning to update KDE anyway. With Gregarius seemingly working quite happily, I