Resolving problems with iMac Intel Core-Duo

AppleSo we pays all this money for a cool new iMac, get a few niggly problems which don’t quite fit the bill of Mac’s being all-seeing-all-dancing-work-straight-outta-the-box, and wonder what the problem could be. Simple – run the online updater. This will pull a few updates for things such as iTunes, iMovie, iPhoto, etc. which is all well and good, but then has about 40Mb of updates for ‘Intel Optimisations’. Erm, excuse me, but haven’t I just spend £1100 on a new Intel Core-Duo which is already running the revised OS X for Intel chipset? Although everything is now working as expected and what I was initially hoping for on Monday in terms of usability, Front Row is still pretty buggy, but at least is playing nicely with the firewall now.

I can appreciate the need for updates to fix security problems, and that the Intel-based systems are still very new for Apple, but when you need to update your system to get some core functionality going it doesn’t fill you with much confidence!


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