iMac finally delivered

iMac 2Ghz Intel Core-Duo
Well, after much excitement, our iMac finally arrived earlier this afternoon. Expecting great things from the 2Ghz Intel Core-Duo, with an upgrade to 1Gb RAM and 256Mb graphics, I’ve been a little disappointed to be honest.

The 20″ screen really is sharp. Streaming down 1080p HD movie trailers (the work experience tech’s idea…) it was very impressive! Certainly very nippy shall we say, though as I have only really played with iBook’s I don’t really know how much of an improvement the Intel Core-Duo chip makes.

However, FrontRow has been a let down. Unable to access the movie trailers even though I’m guessing it runs through the same system as the trailers were pulling down from the Apple site wasn’t too good, nor was the continual hanging for 2-3 minutes whilst accessing the menus. Sometimes, FrontRow simply wouldn’t load from the desktop, then would magically appear in the middle of browsing the net. Whether the magnetic remote on the side of the system is a good idea is debatable as my understanding was magnets and your drives weren’t a good combination. I could be missing something here.

Need to do some hunting to adjust the user permissions, as again, when choosing to restart or shutdown it does nothing. Or so it seems. Sometimes it would then spring into life, or rather not, and shut itself down. Or restart itself rather than shutdown. Firing off the sudo commands from the console does the job, but annoying the none-the-less.

That said, the automatic wireless detection and configuration was nice. Contacting the Apple registration servers after telling it not to register my details or sign-up for a .Mac account was not.

Wouldn’t accept logon details for our proxy which seemed to be down to Safari not sending the credentials properly as the proxy wasn’t receiving the same data as being entered. Installing Firefox did the trick, but shouldn’t have been necessary.

Am sure these are just teething problems and probably down to a lack of OS X experience on my behalf, but although I’m confident sticking one of our Canon Mini-DV cameras into the firewire port or hooking up on the Sony digital cameras will keep our media studies teacher happy, the stability of it whilst sat in a classroom with kids randomly clicking buttons and with less patience than I have is a little concerning!


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