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Well, it’s taken a while, but I’m just about finished playing, I think! Bound to find something else to tinker with (like re-theming the photo gallery in-line with the blog again…), but am pretty happy with the layout now. It was a more a design challenge since I’ve never been overly design’y, prefering to tinker with the code to run stuff rather than how pretty it looks. Have certainly learnt more about CSS than I thought existed and I considered myself no slouch before-hand!

The inspiration for this came from the tutorials on designing WordPress themes from Urban Giraffe. Some cool feaures integrated into the blog now include the collapse sidebar menus, taken from the fancy archives plugin by Andy, heavily modified to then take the rest of my menu structure!

Clever playing with RSS feeds now imports my last 10 bookmarks, most recent articles I’ve Digged, top 10 artists listened to via, etc.

Although I’ve managed to avoid a lot of the hype around AJAX, in-line viewing of comments is now available – whenever a post has been commented on, a link from the front page allows the comments to automatically expand for viewing if desired rather than loading the individual page. When posting comments, this process is now AJAX enabled as well, inserting + displaying your comment without the whole page reloading. Pretty neat and makes things a little more slick.

I’ve also managed to make the whole thing XHTML + CSS valid as well as providing XFN-friendly links wherever possible!

Anyone that finds any problems wins a prize (well, not quite, but at least a virtual thank-you!) and if you like/dislike anything, let me know 🙂


Senior Content Development for Microsoft writing about Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Model train nerd. Occasionally I play video games.

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    Mozilla Firefox Windows XP
  2. chris says:
    Mozilla Firefox Windows XP
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    Mozilla Firefox 1.0.7 Linux

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