Shiny new toy – iPod Nano

iPod NanoI’ve finally accepted the fact that I may as well give into the marketing crap and get an iPod Nano. As much as I love my Archos AV500, it won’t exactly slip into my shirt pocket and all I’m using it for is listening to podcasts on my commute to work or on my lunch break. Whilst on holiday or once in the US the Archos excels with being able to watch movies on it’s 4″ screen or connect to a TV to watch in full-screen, and the fact it’s 60Gb drive can hold all my music collection comfortably. But, as there’s some pretty decent offers on at the moment, managed to pick up this 1Gb iPod Nano up for under a hundred quid. We’ve had a few of these things in + out at school as prizes and awards for kids, but the black version is so much sexier! I’ve already had one cheeky get who shall remain nameless betting I’ll have a scratch on it by Monday morning…

Getting it working has been a doddle under Ubuntu, with gtkpod handling everything straight out of the bat. Very impressed, though would like a way to have my podcasts downloaded through iPodder automatically sync’ed across to the iPod. Will see what I script up 🙂


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