Hello, is this thing on…?

Things have been a little quiet the last week or so, but am still alive, honest!

We had a few problems at work appointing my replacement. The interviews were last week but the candidate they offered the job to returned the following day and turned the offer down. At the moment, it’s re-advertised and everyone is still confident a suitable replacement will be appointed. But, their get of jail free card has been an error with the cheque to the US immigration department which has put back my visa application a good few weeks. Doesn’t look I’ll be heading out to the US the end of May – more likely to be the end of June if not later. Also buggers up the wedding plans and leaves very little room for travelling around anymore 🙁

But, on the positive side of things, our iMac should be getting here today or tomorrow. What a carry on that’s been though! As we didn’t have an educational account already open, Apple weren’t processing the order, so I had to fax it through. That then disappeared so it required another order. Finally, on Monday I get confirmation of the order being accepted – for a Mac Book Pro. Erm, not quite, but that’s been speedily resolved and am impressed they’ve built and shipped our iMac within 2 days. Can’t wait to give it a go, especially having seen some of the benchmarks outlining their performance!

And, I’ve also been quietly plugging away at a completely new design for the site. It’s more from a development point of view to try out different scripting ideas and integrating everything together, so hopefully I can bring that online in the next week or two for anyone that cares!


Senior Content Development for Microsoft writing about Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Model train nerd. Occasionally I play video games.

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