Fixing errors accessing local network devices on Ubuntu

A few people have had a snigger or two at my expense on this one, except none of them buggers could offer any useful suggestions. I’ve tried to install Apache on my Ubuntu install, something I’ve done dozens of times on other systems, including a number of servers in the workplace handling thousands of requests a day. I reckon I know a thing or two about Linux having used it for about 6/7 years as well, but this had me stumped.

UbuntuI was unable to access Apache from my local machine, but other networked machines could. A quick check revealed I was actually unable to ping any of internal devices – loopback, ethernet or wireless from my machine, but other machines could. Figuring it was a simple firewall error, checked my iptables and all fine. Have spent a good few hours flushing rules, adding new ones, reconfiguring devices, etc. Even tried installing firestarted, guardog and shorewall.

It actually looks like quite a common problem with Ubuntu, certainly with 5.10. And the fix?

sudo ifconfig lo

I mean, come on, it was purely by chance I tried this one! Everything else on the network has been fine including routing and filtering across my wireless link for the rest of the machines on my network, but Ubuntu doesn’t bring up lo properly which causes local services to fail? Not impressed 🙁


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