Trying to hack the Odixion DC-100

We’ve had an Odixion DC-100 for 18 months or so at work which is used for automatic CD duplication. As quite a lot of the software is licensed in such a way that copies can be made available to pupils, such as digital resources, it’s ideal for loading up to 100 blank CD’s and simply letting the machine automatically copy them. However, more and more resources are coming in on DVD which are a pain to copy individually on a workstation as it means I have to be there to swap them over. Figured it’s basically a CD-ROM reading the disc, and a CD writer burning them…

Odixion DC-100

After taking the machine apart and replacing the drives with two Sony DVD-RW’s, it powered back on and ran through it’s checks okay. Nothing’s ever that easy, and sure enough when trying to burn a disc it couldn’t detect the disc format or burning speeds 🙁 The official DC-100 DVD actually uses a single drive and copies images to hard drive rather than direct copies, and am guessing the firmware on the DC-100 just isn’t able to handle DVD discs. Couldn’t find any firmware updates to change this and wouldn’t have a clue where to start, or even if it would be possible. Although the drives appear to be on two separate buses, I don’t know whether it could handle that amount of data on the fly.

Was worth a try though!


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