Month: March 2006

links for 2006-03-31

The Perfect Xen Setup For Debian And Ubuntu (tags: debian ubuntu linux networking) Samba server for small workgroups with Ubuntu 5.10 (tags: samba networking ubuntu linux)

Re-touching photos to the max!

Don’t think I’ll ever look at magazine photo shoots in the same light again. I’ve seen fairly basic changes applied, or little things like changing the background setting of even the colour shirt someone was wearing, but the amount of

links for 2006-03-30

Keyboard shortcuts during Mac OS X startup (tags: apple computing) Mastering podcasts with Audacity (tags: audio podcast) How To Set Up A Load-Balanced MySQL Cluster (tags: networking linux guides) Ruby, Rails, Apache2, and Ubuntu Breezy (5.10) (tags: ubuntu linux networking)

Googlebot destroys website

Found this pretty funny. I guess the site owners didn’t find too clever, but then I’d like to know what CMS they’re using that didn’t provide even basic authentication checks and would allow something like Googlebot run through and remove

Resolving problems with iMac Intel Core-Duo

So we pays all this money for a cool new iMac, get a few niggly problems which don’t quite fit the bill of Mac’s being all-seeing-all-dancing-work-straight-outta-the-box, and wonder what the problem could be. Simple – run the online updater. This