Re-sizing NTFS partitions with GParted LiveCD

GPartedI decided that rather than have a 160Gb hard drive sat doing very little except for occasionally playing Flight Sim, it was about time I just re-sized the damn thing and made use of it! I’ve used QTParted in the past to re-size NTFS partitons using a Knoppix CD, but as I’d read GParted released an updated live CD yesterday, I gave it a go. Only took a couple of minutes to re-size a 160Gb NTFS partition down to 40Gb and create a new 100Gb ext3 partition, leaving a little left over for later. Worth a look if you’re wanting to play with your partition tables – it’s not just for NTFS 😉

Ah, I remember the good old days when *reading* from NTFS partitions was considered playing with fire…


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