Snapfish digital photo printing

Stuffed in with my DVD rentals from ScreenSelect yesterday was a leaflet for 40 free prints from Snapfish digital photo printing, which is a service of HP (whatever that means!). Usually, I’m quite happy with just browsing my photos either online or locally on the computer so haven’t bothered getting any printed. But, just like with the 10 minutes of free SkypeOut credit mentioned yesterday, I’m never one to miss a freebie so uploaded a batch of photos early yesterday afternoon. Bugger me if they didn’t arrive on the doorstep this morning!

Snapfish digital photo printingAlthough the free prints were 6″x4″, with those direct from camera actually re-sized slightly smaller due to the aspect ratio, they’re very, very good quality! I’d probably pick the 7″x5″ if I was getting more done as these are maybe a tad too small, but as with most other online print services, Snapfish offer a ton of extras you can have your photos printed onto such as t-shirts, coffer mugs, mouse mats, jigsaws, etc. Cost-wise they seem very competive, and definately worth a look if you’re after holiday snaps printed when you consider the quality and speed these were processed!


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