Using subversion to manage coding

I’ve been doing quite a bit of coding lately trying to bring some stuff up to scratch. At work, we’re running a system I’ve developed which is a fairly comprehensive web interface to our Internet proxy + content filtering. It’s pretty cool, and quite a few people that have been in + out of school have been asking how on earth it actually works!

As I’ll be leaving work in a little over 3 months (that’s becoming scarier every day!), it seems like a good time to release all this code. Have spent so much time over the last 18+ months on this, I should have done it a lot sooner, and it would be such a waste for it to just to sit at work once I’ve gone. Plus, although I’ve tried to keep the code as clean as possible, there quite a few things hard-coded into it which would be difficult for someone else working with it to understand. Luckily, I agreed right from the start with my boss that all the code would not be tied to the school, meaning I’m free to distribute it all.

So, having read a few of the comments from a Slashdot article this past week, I’ve now got subversion installed + configured on a server at home and am able to update and commit changes from both home + work now. A lack of this kinda thing has what’s slowed things down so much as I couldn’t be bothered with manually copying bits of code back + forth from my test server at home into work. At least now I have a method to keep everything current + up to date. Is pretty cool and very easy to use – wish I’d implemented something like this a year ago!

For those not familiar with subversion, it’s basically taking CVS a step further, though for my purposes I probably won’t really notice any advanced features. Is definately worth checking out for those wanting to move bits of code between systems with the minimum of fuss, and also provides an easy method of loading code from previous revisions when your changes don’t quite work 😉


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