Not quite admitting defeat, but…

Open-Xchange on the Gentoo Sparc64 was just a nightmare! Along with taking an age to run through emerging each package, too many packages weren’t in ‘stable’ on the Sparc platform, and stepping back to Blackdown JDK rather than offical Sun-JDK was causing a lot of problems compiling the Java dependencies during the base system install.

So, plan B is running Open-Xchange on my dual-PII testing system. Although mainly for trying out various distros and desktop environments, it’s speed helps, and the fact it’s x86 based! Initially I’ll follow through installing it running off a local OpenLDAP server before complicating matters by powering it from the OpenLDAP server currently configured on one of the Ultra 5’s for user logins and Samba authentication.

Although I’m a little disappointed not to be able to run everything off the stack of Ultra 5’s, I’m more interested in the actual systems configuration and connections across the network than arsing around resolving annoying package dependencies on what appears to be a platform not really receiving much attention for Open-Xchange!


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